Beautiful Crazy - Zandre
You Can't Stop Me Loving You - Carmen
How Far - Darren Vercuil

December '63 - Dozi
Quando Quando - Kobus Muller

Take It Slow - Carmen
Call Me - Mwah

Pop, Rock. Live drums & guitars, some programming. Programmed drums on Track 2.
Nostalgic cover versions. Live Drums & Guitars & most instruments.
Pop, Dance programmed tracks with live guitar.
Third Party Productions Mixed & Mastered by TACET.

Some tracks from my latest production.
All songs composed & sung by
Michaela Siaki
The Coldest Summer
All Night Drive
Knock On My Door
Be Happy
Michaela Siaki
Michaela Siaki
Michaela Siaki
Michaela Siaki