Mastering is the final stage in a CD production before the glass master is produced and the CD is pressed.

Tacet Mastering will add depth, sparkle and punch to your mix. In addition to this there are some technical adjustments a Mastering engineer needs to make:

The first task is to match all the tracks in terms of loudness and frequency spectrum, so the CD can be played from top to tail without the listener having to keep adjusting his player. He must also ensure that there won't be any problem reproducing the tracks regardless of what system they are played on - home Hi-Fi, car player, I-Pod. There are often problems in the final mix which mastering cannot cure, and then it is the mastering engineer's responsibility to request a re-mix and advise the client where the problem areas are.

One of the most important responsibilities of the mastering engineer is the decision of how "loud" the mastered CD should be. Most people involved in the music industry are aware of the "Loudness Wars" controversy that has been going on over the last several years. The demand by clients for their CD to be louder than anybody elses has resulted in levels being pushed into audible distortion and tracks that have no dynamics and transients. A good Mastering engineer will know the optimum level for any particular mix.

Professional On-Line Mastering
Tacet Mastering offers professional Mixing & Mastering at very affordable prices. To send me your song, first check the information on 'FILE FORMAT' then click on 'SEND TRACKS'. Once you decide to proceed, click on 'RATES' for further information.

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You've finally got your mix sounding great! When you wind up the monitors in your studio it blows everybody who comes to listen away! The bad news is it won't always sound like that. If you write your track onto a CD and play it in your car, or on your friend's stereo, it just does not punch and sparkle and the whole mix sounds weak. What has happened? Outside the studio no one has the benefit of high powered professional monitors to wind up until the track kicks. One of the most important stages of your production is missing: MASTERING.