Sending An Album of tracks of 24 bit at 44.1k can be quite costly in terms of the time to upload and the use of your available cap. Compressing to MP3 will improve things a lot but the sound quality is not acceptable. However there is an audio compression format that has no loss in audio quality. This is a FLAC file. The FLAC codec is open source and there are many free or inexpensive programs that include conversion to FLAC files. Click on the link below to learn more about FLAC and to download the software to convert your files.
File format
If you are sending tracks on-line, the ideal format to convert you files to is FLAC. This will reduce their size by about 50% without any quality loss. Read more on this below. Otherwise send files to me at 44.1K, 24 bit WAVE or AIFF. If you have mixed in 16 bit or 48K don't convert - send as is. Please don't send an MP3 or any other compressed format other than FLAC. The loss in quality makes the exercise of trying to get good final masters pointless.