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Keith Forsyth:

Keith Forsyth has been in the music business for about 30 years. He started recording radio drama and magazine programs, then moved on to mixing of audio for TV and radio commercials.

In the early 80's he became studio manager of Gallo Studios where he worked on many of the albums made at the time. He worked on pop, Afrikaans, African traditional to urban and Mbaqanga music. At that time, there was no computer programming of music, so Keith mastered the art of recording "real" instruments including string sections, brass sections, drums, percussion, brass bands, various rhythm sections, vocal groups and combinations of these.

In 1984 he became studio manager of Decibel studios where he recorded many of the top Afrikaans artists of the time. He co-produced the very successful "Cinema" of "My kind of girl" fame, who reached number one on many of the local charts. At the time when albums were still released on vinyl he was very frustrated with the loss in quality from the ¼" master tape to the final pressing. So, together with Alli Heyns, started " Digisol Masters", one of the first mastering studios in South Africa.

Keith then went freelance. He worked in various studios around Johannesburg still recording, mixing and mastering a cross section of all South African music. He has also worked closely with music producer Dennis East over the last fifteen years and recorded and mixed and mastered albums, jingles, TV, radio and Corporate music.

Keith currently has a digital multitrack mobile facility for recording live shows for TV, CD or DVD, and a fully equipped digital studio in which he mixes and masters all his projects.